Friday, February 26, 2010

Blythe's house:

Well, hello there. This is me today. Don't mind my giant chin zit... Now that I said that you definately will notice it... Damn!
Giant icecream cones for 25 cents each. (They are piggy banks)
Styrofoam balls to make mushrooms from.
Table for 25 cents. I think its for candles or something of that sort...
Shelves, also 25 cents.
Bucket with bow on handle, purple watering can, espresso machine and recycling bin were all in a bag for 25 cents along with some other things I don't think I'll use.

Today I found a few things for my future Blythe Lola. All together I spent $3, and that includes the other things I got that weren't for my doll. (Such as two giant icecream cones, a skirt, a sweater, and a few other things I might use for Lola that aren't pictured)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee!!

I just finished my first Blythe cupcake. And I LOVE IT!!!

This is it beside a bead. A pony bead I think they're called... Tiny!

Things I made for my future Blythe doll.

Tiny pencil crayons
tea bags
a bejewelled mirror, a diary, tissue box, shopping bag with tissue paper, sticker sheets, and tea bags
Those things on toothpicks are gunna be a cupcake...
nail clippers are to chow how small these are...
I want one of these for me, but it would take too many jewels so I made one for Lola.

Happy, happy Un-Birthday to you!

Alice invited all her friends, Flamingo, other Flamingo, a third Flamingo, vintage chocolate Strawberry Shortcake-looking doll, Chesire, other Chesire cat, Miss and Domino over for a tea party. I'm not too sure if it was actually tea in their cups, because the party quickly got way out of hand. Poor Alice, all her friends left her to clean up alone...

Baby Names

Okay, not really. but I finally figured out what I'm going to name my future Blythe doll.


Like the Marc Jacobs perfume. It was between Lola and Bianca, but Lola wins by a hair.

Updated Tattoo.

Better or no? I never was one for backgrounds in tattoos, but I like the hearts.

Blythe Wishlist:

Here is part of my Blythe doll wishlist...
  • A big house with rooms for a kitchen, lounge (living room), bathroom, at least one bedroom, a craft/sewing room, and maybe a little yard. I would at least like an inch or two of ground outside my house to make a little fence and mailbox, flowers or bushes or even better, some mushrooms and many lawn flamingos.
  • An extensive wardrobe. I think I could get most of it from thrift shops in town and from what I have left of my Barbies and my sister's Bratz dolls. I will also sew some things, though they won't be too pretty... All the cutest shoes I can find (Barbie shoes fit right?) And purses and jewellery, and things for their hair.
  • The best furniture and home decor money can buy. Okay, so that's not true. I want to try and make most, or buy Barbie and Bratz things that I really like. Good things my family is pretty talented and should be able to help me make the house, and any other wooden furniture. I can also make the little curtains and anything else fabric. Lamps and vases, pictures and knick knacks. Couches and tables, beds and desks, toilets and book shelves. Throw pillows and makeup tables. Mirrors and magazines. Of course I want a selection. I get bored of things around my house quite often, who says plastic dollies don't as well?
  • All the cutest little food and kitchen accessories I can find (and afford) cupcakes, cookies, fruit and veggies, cookie cutters and mixing bowls, tea sets and ice cube trays. Tea towels and a fridge. Little appliances like rice cookers and coffee makers. Cleaning supplies and brooms. Cook books and cuttlery.
  • Little pets, such as cats and maybe a toad for the yard.
  • Maybe even a second bedroom to make into a child's room. I would fill it up with the cutest toys and furniture and eventually find a child. Maybe a baby stolen from Barbie (!) I do have one or two of those somewhere...

I think that's okay for now, haha. Maybe I would eventually get a neighbour for Miss Blythe. Then I could have more than one dollie, and another home sweet home. But I think before I get carried away, I should wait to move into a bigger home sweet home where I can fit all this... :)


None of the real links for shops in Japan will ship to Canada! All the ones on are $170 or more, and they are used and naked! That's more than they are NIB from Japan! Who knows where I can get one cheaper than ebay and not NAKED AND USED!!!? I would prefer one with bangs and I am a fan of the coloured hair, pink and light blue expecially.

But on a better note, I have found soooo much stuff I want to buy or make for my new dollie love, though I don't yet have her. I've found mini Chanel shopping bags, a passport, tiny cupcakes and dishes with mushrooms on them. I found Alice in Wonderland tshirts and posters, some much Hello Kitty stuff of every variety, and tiny cupcakes and champagne bottles. The pink eyes, the new hair, the eyelashes! The pets, the houses, the clothes! I am in love here people!

My life could end if I could only own just one beautiful Blythe doll, and play with her and make her a home for even the shortest time. (Also win the lottery, buy Sarah the dollie of her choice, take them on trips all over the world just to take pictures of them in beautiful places, drive the country side in a Louis Vuitton car, and get all the cutest tattoos there every was) But if I won the lottery, I would probably move into a giant doll house and spend all my time with my dollies.

So, any help with the issue of getting the doll of my dreams, or at least one who is NEW (or newish) would be very appreciated. Thanks, R. xo

I love it!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

tattoo idea?

obviously not so crappily done, and with colourful sprinkles.

Easter/Spring Thrift Shop Finds

I was gunna save this for my summer decorating, but it's just waaay too cute! It was 25 cents.
This cute Easter Bunny oven mitt was only $1.
These cookie cutters were $1.25 new in the package (with a $7 price tag) The matching stencils were from a different thrift shop and were 50 cents. (and new!)
This is the cutest basket ever. It was 25 cents!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's find.

Today on my thrift store hunt, I didn't find any vintage Barbies like I was hoping. But I did find this cute vintage tin recipe card box.

Does this mean I have to put my recipes on little cards now? I have a recipe book to write random recipes in...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Barbie things I NEED!

These canisters made me fall in love with Jonathan Adler!

You'll have to click on the links, the site doesn't allow you to repost their pictures... Boo!

New book shelf set-up.

Since P ruined my living room (!) I don't have enough room to have the book shelf the way it should be. It is double-sided, but I have to have it shoved up against the wall. I only get half my beautiful books and things on display. Boo!

I will point out some of my favorite things to notice in these pictures:
On top of my Mister Toad's tank you can just barely see the twin Kerropis (Hello Kitty's froggy friend)
In front of Mister Toad's tank is my coffee scented candles (yum) and a Metallica logo.
The pink cutie on the top shelf to the left is My Melody, another of Hello Kitty's adorable friends.
On the bottom shelf, very right, is Chococat, the last of Hello Kitty's friends I own.
Just above My Melody is the letter "f" in the shape of a flamingo. I <3 flamingos!
To the left of the Twilight books is a Lego monster truck I got from McDonalds. (That's where HK's friends are from as well.)
In front of my awesome Barbie book is a letter "R" I cut out of Hello Kitty print cardstock.
In front of the "R" is some glass coasters I bought with martini glasses on them.
The five books to the very right of the top shelf are all copies of Alice in Wonderland I have picked up over the past year.
Of course I have two Cheshire Cats hanging out with the AiW books.
On the bottom shelf I only have some brown chocolate ice cream scented bubbles and a tiny version of Strawberry Shortcake's kitty Custard.

Some of the books I have on these shelves are the Louise Rennison series, that begins with the book Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. A book about flamingos. Kate Spade's Style book, The Devil Wears Prada, the Twilight series, my few decorating books, the Gossip Girl series, Harry Potter series, and some John Saul books.

Of course those are my babies Miss and Domino hanging out and trying to ruin my pictures. As always.

My evening!

Looking at my favorite blogs with a glass of hot pink wine and my favorite candy!

Domino is sooo cute! I was watching a documentary about the ocean, and he just loved it! He sat right there for the whole thing.

Can you see all my cottage decor inspiration scrapbooking materials on the coffee table? Wow, that was a crazy sentence...
See that ad on the table? Since I work at the movie store I find out what is coming out months ahead of when it does. Alice in mother forking Wonderland (the Disney version) is out on March 30th!! I have been waiting for it to come out on dvd since there were dvds!

Man, he sure loves all those fishies!

My new living room.

I changed my living room around today, but not by choice. While I was at work my man decided to rearrange the living room. But he got rid of the desk we used as a tv stand, brought a bench he made in high school into our house (which is most definately meant to be outside), and put the tv on one of the end tables. Eww! Also the desk held all of our random mail and papers and chargers and whatnot, so he had all that stuff piled up on the kitchen table and counters. He said I could figure out what to do with it! You should have seen what he did to the house! I burst into tears when I got home from work and saw his handywork. So today my mum came over and we tried to fix this place up. The worst part is the cottage is old as hell so it has almost NO plug-ins. Now that this huge bench takes up a whole wall by itself, the only place we can put the tv is in a corner, which means you can see the cords (the two plug-ins are in the middle of the two end walls). It looks so much better now that I fixed it up, but I still liked it better before... Ho-hum!

My new book!

The cover of my awesome new Barbie book. Just don't tell my man how much it costs...!
It's like a scrapbook almost. This is a replica of the catalogs of outfits that came with the first Barbie.
See that "Midge" Thermos? I saw it for $4 at a flea market but I didn't buy it because I've never heard of Barbie's bff Midge. Have you? I wish I had because they came out in the 1960's.
A copy of the membership card that all Barbie's fans got when they wrote to Barbie.
A reply letter from Barbie that was sent when you wrote to Barbie.
Blueprints for Barbie's movable waist so she could do the twist.
An invitation to Barbie's sweet 16. Can you believe she's almost 51 now?!
MC Hammer Barbie, haha!
This is the kind of Barbie I model myself after. I am not even joking people!
"Black Barbie"... I don't think I like that title. Why can't she have a name like all Barbie's other friends?
A story about Barbie's Paris shopping spree that was included in the book.
Versace designed this dress for Barbie. Anna Sui and Dior also have Barbie clothes.
I had this Skipper. Can you see how her little undies are showing above her pants? She was a rebel.
One-of-a-kind Barbies such as these sell for around $25 000. Yikes!
Sketches of outfits designed for my role model.
Ooh la la Barbie! How sexy you are in your lingerie!
A few of the most popular Barbie over the years.
So true.
Andy Warhol painted Barbie. Man, I love her!
Too bad I was... But Barbie was destined to be many other things. Astronaut, vet, rockstar, fashion model, nurse, babysitter, big sister...
I wish mine were the same way. Barbie always has such great skin, haha.
Ummm, I don't know about the first part, but I sure do love exquisite handbags.

Damn, I wish I was plastic... When my man isn't here and I don't have work (like right now) I look terrible...

This is the first Barbie. Not blonde, and look at those eyes!
Malibu Barbie! My favorite Barbie. I don't have one, but I want one soooo badly!