Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am finally back! My internet has been down for almost two weeks! And let me tell you, it was truly TERRIBLE! I guess I'll go get my diary and catch you up on what I've been doing.

Aug 03- I ate some onion rings and became ill. P went and bought me more tea since I was almost out. That's all.

Aug 04- Me and J went to the museum. We were the only two people there. Our tour guide was new and didn't really know too much about what he was showing us. Oh well, it was still fun. Then me and P went to the river, and we saw a frog. I also picked some flowers to press in my diary.

Aug 05- During the day me and J watched Gossip Girl and drank a truckload of tea. In the evening I went to my parent's house because it was my brother's birthday. He is 19. Then I went home and me and J continued watching GG and drinking tea until 2:45... Yikes!

Aug 06- I went to Jeff's dad's funeral. The first one I've ever been to... It was a long day for everyone. Poor Jeff.

Aug 07- At work I drank an iced chai latte (my favorite) while watching Ponyo (also my favorite) while M was on her break. (J hadn't arrived yet.) Then I watched part of Strawberry Shortcake until the other girls made me shut it off. Apparently the character's high pitched voices were annoying... After M left, me and J watched some old VHSs and ordered chicken pizza. Since our job is so demanding (not) we went outside in the parking lot and dumped a package of Mentos in a bottle of diet Pepsi. Twice.

Aug 08- Right after rolling out of bed me and P went and bought breakfast food. After the breakfast that he cooked and I ate, we brought up our new bookshelf. Then I went to work where me and L watched old Pokemon movies and I read Eclipse. L bought me a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser when she went out of town to do some shopping. <3 After work J came over and we watched more Gossip Girl and drank too much tea. As we always do.

Aug 09- All I did this day was clean, clean, clean! Then J came over for our usual nightly activities. After she left, P had a looong talk to me about how much he hates her and why he thinks I shouldn't hang out with her. He is jealous that I lived with her while we were broken up earlier this year.

Aug 10- Me, J, and my mum went to the local thrift shop this afternoon. We found LOTS of great things. I got two cute baskets, a giant glass vase and a candle holder with birds on it, a necklace, two shirts, two skirts, some frilly red shorts, doll house furniture and... A DOLLHOUSE!! I've been wanting to make a dollhouse for sooooo long, but I found this one for only $5! It needs a bit of work, but that'll just give me something to do. After work J and I continued our nightly routine.

Aug 11- I went with my mum when she got her 3rd and 4th tattoos. After that I went home and ripped up the flooring on my dollhouse. Since P was off work by this time we went for a walk at the Wildlife Center where we saw a frog and were eaten alive by mosquitos. We made a yummy dinner together and then, to my surprise, Paddy helped me work on my dollhouse for a while.

Today- My mum and I went uptown to look around the shops. I didn't really see anything that I wanted so I didn't buy anything. I was looking at perfume since mine is almost all gone, and the lady said that my favorite perfume (G from the Harajuku Lovers collection by Gwen Stefani) was coming on sale next week. She also gave me sample bottles of all the Harajuku Lovers perfumes! At about 1, I got called in to work, boo! When I got home our new internet thingie was here so I bet you can guess what I've been doing since.