Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am finally back! My internet has been down for almost two weeks! And let me tell you, it was truly TERRIBLE! I guess I'll go get my diary and catch you up on what I've been doing.

Aug 03- I ate some onion rings and became ill. P went and bought me more tea since I was almost out. That's all.

Aug 04- Me and J went to the museum. We were the only two people there. Our tour guide was new and didn't really know too much about what he was showing us. Oh well, it was still fun. Then me and P went to the river, and we saw a frog. I also picked some flowers to press in my diary.

Aug 05- During the day me and J watched Gossip Girl and drank a truckload of tea. In the evening I went to my parent's house because it was my brother's birthday. He is 19. Then I went home and me and J continued watching GG and drinking tea until 2:45... Yikes!

Aug 06- I went to Jeff's dad's funeral. The first one I've ever been to... It was a long day for everyone. Poor Jeff.

Aug 07- At work I drank an iced chai latte (my favorite) while watching Ponyo (also my favorite) while M was on her break. (J hadn't arrived yet.) Then I watched part of Strawberry Shortcake until the other girls made me shut it off. Apparently the character's high pitched voices were annoying... After M left, me and J watched some old VHSs and ordered chicken pizza. Since our job is so demanding (not) we went outside in the parking lot and dumped a package of Mentos in a bottle of diet Pepsi. Twice.

Aug 08- Right after rolling out of bed me and P went and bought breakfast food. After the breakfast that he cooked and I ate, we brought up our new bookshelf. Then I went to work where me and L watched old Pokemon movies and I read Eclipse. L bought me a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser when she went out of town to do some shopping. <3 After work J came over and we watched more Gossip Girl and drank too much tea. As we always do.

Aug 09- All I did this day was clean, clean, clean! Then J came over for our usual nightly activities. After she left, P had a looong talk to me about how much he hates her and why he thinks I shouldn't hang out with her. He is jealous that I lived with her while we were broken up earlier this year.

Aug 10- Me, J, and my mum went to the local thrift shop this afternoon. We found LOTS of great things. I got two cute baskets, a giant glass vase and a candle holder with birds on it, a necklace, two shirts, two skirts, some frilly red shorts, doll house furniture and... A DOLLHOUSE!! I've been wanting to make a dollhouse for sooooo long, but I found this one for only $5! It needs a bit of work, but that'll just give me something to do. After work J and I continued our nightly routine.

Aug 11- I went with my mum when she got her 3rd and 4th tattoos. After that I went home and ripped up the flooring on my dollhouse. Since P was off work by this time we went for a walk at the Wildlife Center where we saw a frog and were eaten alive by mosquitos. We made a yummy dinner together and then, to my surprise, Paddy helped me work on my dollhouse for a while.

Today- My mum and I went uptown to look around the shops. I didn't really see anything that I wanted so I didn't buy anything. I was looking at perfume since mine is almost all gone, and the lady said that my favorite perfume (G from the Harajuku Lovers collection by Gwen Stefani) was coming on sale next week. She also gave me sample bottles of all the Harajuku Lovers perfumes! At about 1, I got called in to work, boo! When I got home our new internet thingie was here so I bet you can guess what I've been doing since.

Monday, July 26, 2010

no posts today

Errrm... Besides this one I guess. Haha. But anywhoooo, I have a headache so I am off to bed with Twilight and tea.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Working for the weekend.

Sorry I don't post on the weekends very often. I work every weekend, so I don't really have the time to spend playing on the computer.

Tomorrow I don't have to work, my first Monday off in sooo long... I think if I can afford it, I want to drive to Radium to visit my best friend Sarah. I'll have to see if she is working or not.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's thoughts.

Just because I moved out of the cottage, doesn't mean that I stopped liking the country/ shabby chic decor. But will it look weird if that's how I decorate our apartment? I don't know if I should give it a try or not... I went around town yesterday and all the things I saw and wanted to buy (I forgot that P had my debit card... Boo!) were very shabby chic.

There is this store where I live called Morris Flowers (morrisflowersbc.com), and yes, it is a flower shop. But it also has antique furniture, and the cutest picture frames and home decor that you'll ever see. My favorite things I saw there yesterday were a mirror made from an old window, the glass was replaced with mirrors... twig picture frames, shabby chic bathroom signs en francais. They also have a selection of specialty chocolates and lotions. Here are a couple pictures I found on their website:

On a diferent note, my first bento lunch was a big success. I didn't think I would be able to last the whole day of work with such a small amount of food, but I actually almost couldn't finish it.
And thanks to Sarah for taking these adorable pictures for me:

How lucky that my best friend is working in a place that sells one of my favorite things!?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cutest snack ever!

One of the girls at work was always talking about this snack she saw on one of her anime shows. When I was out and about I found some so I bought it for her. She wasn't at work when I went to bring it so instead of waiting until I saw her again, I decided to keep it for myself. :)
Soooo yummy!

Look how cute they are! I think I may have a new favorite food.
The strawberry ones taste like they were dipped in a strawberry milkshake!

Getting crafty.

Last night while reading through some of my favorite blogs, I came across a post about painting on tshirts with acrylic paint. I grabbed a couple of my grungy old tank tops, a few brushes, some acrylic paint, and some spray paint. Here are the results:

Ta da! Not the greatest, but I love them.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The coolest candle ever.

The other day I was craving an iced capp from the little store across the street from my apartment building. Well, by street I mean the highway... Since it takes fifty years of waiting for a lull in traffic so I can actually cross the road, I decided to check out Kootenay Candles (kootenaycandle.com) which is beside the iced capp place. BAAAAAD idea! I fell in love with this store. I was born and raised in this town and I've never been inside. It was probably for the best since now I want to buy EVERYTHING in there. I figured I could afford to buy one thing each payday so here is payday #1:

Isn't it gorgeous!? I don't think these are made in the store, but they are amazing! For the first few paydays I think this is what I'll be getting. There are all different kinds of cupcakes and they smell soooo good.
They also have candles in tea cups, and in martini glasses, shaped like chocolates and cookies.
Besides candles, they also carry little things for the home and garden. I bought my friend Jenny one of those little Zen gardens with the sand and the rake. She loves it.

Return of R!

Hiiiii! I am back! But now instead of the Cupcake Cottage, I live in A Very Empty Apartment. For a few months (April-June) my man and I weren't together so we moved out of the Cupcake Cottage. At the beginning of July we moved back in together but sadly not into our beloved cottage. So I guess now I'll start catching you up on My Life if Whimsy in A Very Empty Apartment!

Here are a few pictures taken a few days after we moved in:

Veeeeeery boring! And nothing matches... All our things from Cupcake Cottage do NOT match.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No More

If you hadn't already noticed, the Cupcake Cottage is no more. My man and I are no longer together so I've had to abandon my lovely home. Ah well, time to start fresh in a new place I suppose...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Roslynn Nicole
making a dollhouse

thats cute haha
u should open a store
make millions
ur imagination is awesome

Aww, I love my friends <3

Friday, February 26, 2010

Blythe's house:

Well, hello there. This is me today. Don't mind my giant chin zit... Now that I said that you definately will notice it... Damn!
Giant icecream cones for 25 cents each. (They are piggy banks)
Styrofoam balls to make mushrooms from.
Table for 25 cents. I think its for candles or something of that sort...
Shelves, also 25 cents.
Bucket with bow on handle, purple watering can, espresso machine and recycling bin were all in a bag for 25 cents along with some other things I don't think I'll use.

Today I found a few things for my future Blythe Lola. All together I spent $3, and that includes the other things I got that weren't for my doll. (Such as two giant icecream cones, a skirt, a sweater, and a few other things I might use for Lola that aren't pictured)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee!!

I just finished my first Blythe cupcake. And I LOVE IT!!!

This is it beside a bead. A pony bead I think they're called... Tiny!

Things I made for my future Blythe doll.

Tiny pencil crayons
tea bags
a bejewelled mirror, a diary, tissue box, shopping bag with tissue paper, sticker sheets, and tea bags
Those things on toothpicks are gunna be a cupcake...
nail clippers are to chow how small these are...
I want one of these for me, but it would take too many jewels so I made one for Lola.

Happy, happy Un-Birthday to you!

Alice invited all her friends, Flamingo, other Flamingo, a third Flamingo, vintage chocolate Strawberry Shortcake-looking doll, Chesire, other Chesire cat, Miss and Domino over for a tea party. I'm not too sure if it was actually tea in their cups, because the party quickly got way out of hand. Poor Alice, all her friends left her to clean up alone...

Baby Names

Okay, not really. but I finally figured out what I'm going to name my future Blythe doll.


Like the Marc Jacobs perfume. It was between Lola and Bianca, but Lola wins by a hair.

Updated Tattoo.

Better or no? I never was one for backgrounds in tattoos, but I like the hearts.

Blythe Wishlist:

Here is part of my Blythe doll wishlist...
  • A big house with rooms for a kitchen, lounge (living room), bathroom, at least one bedroom, a craft/sewing room, and maybe a little yard. I would at least like an inch or two of ground outside my house to make a little fence and mailbox, flowers or bushes or even better, some mushrooms and many lawn flamingos.
  • An extensive wardrobe. I think I could get most of it from thrift shops in town and from what I have left of my Barbies and my sister's Bratz dolls. I will also sew some things, though they won't be too pretty... All the cutest shoes I can find (Barbie shoes fit right?) And purses and jewellery, and things for their hair.
  • The best furniture and home decor money can buy. Okay, so that's not true. I want to try and make most, or buy Barbie and Bratz things that I really like. Good things my family is pretty talented and should be able to help me make the house, and any other wooden furniture. I can also make the little curtains and anything else fabric. Lamps and vases, pictures and knick knacks. Couches and tables, beds and desks, toilets and book shelves. Throw pillows and makeup tables. Mirrors and magazines. Of course I want a selection. I get bored of things around my house quite often, who says plastic dollies don't as well?
  • All the cutest little food and kitchen accessories I can find (and afford) cupcakes, cookies, fruit and veggies, cookie cutters and mixing bowls, tea sets and ice cube trays. Tea towels and a fridge. Little appliances like rice cookers and coffee makers. Cleaning supplies and brooms. Cook books and cuttlery.
  • Little pets, such as cats and maybe a toad for the yard.
  • Maybe even a second bedroom to make into a child's room. I would fill it up with the cutest toys and furniture and eventually find a child. Maybe a baby stolen from Barbie (!) I do have one or two of those somewhere...

I think that's okay for now, haha. Maybe I would eventually get a neighbour for Miss Blythe. Then I could have more than one dollie, and another home sweet home. But I think before I get carried away, I should wait to move into a bigger home sweet home where I can fit all this... :)


None of the real links for shops in Japan will ship to Canada! All the ones on Ebay.ca are $170 or more, and they are used and naked! That's more than they are NIB from Japan! Who knows where I can get one cheaper than ebay and not NAKED AND USED!!!? I would prefer one with bangs and I am a fan of the coloured hair, pink and light blue expecially.

But on a better note, I have found soooo much stuff I want to buy or make for my new dollie love, though I don't yet have her. I've found mini Chanel shopping bags, a passport, tiny cupcakes and dishes with mushrooms on them. I found Alice in Wonderland tshirts and posters, some much Hello Kitty stuff of every variety, and tiny cupcakes and champagne bottles. The pink eyes, the new hair, the eyelashes! The pets, the houses, the clothes! I am in love here people!

My life could end if I could only own just one beautiful Blythe doll, and play with her and make her a home for even the shortest time. (Also win the lottery, buy Sarah the dollie of her choice, take them on trips all over the world just to take pictures of them in beautiful places, drive the country side in a Louis Vuitton car, and get all the cutest tattoos there every was) But if I won the lottery, I would probably move into a giant doll house and spend all my time with my dollies.

So, any help with the issue of getting the doll of my dreams, or at least one who is NEW (or newish) would be very appreciated. Thanks, R. xo

I love it!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

tattoo idea?

obviously not so crappily done, and with colourful sprinkles.

Easter/Spring Thrift Shop Finds

I was gunna save this for my summer decorating, but it's just waaay too cute! It was 25 cents.
This cute Easter Bunny oven mitt was only $1.
These cookie cutters were $1.25 new in the package (with a $7 price tag) The matching stencils were from a different thrift shop and were 50 cents. (and new!)
This is the cutest basket ever. It was 25 cents!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's find.

Today on my thrift store hunt, I didn't find any vintage Barbies like I was hoping. But I did find this cute vintage tin recipe card box.

Does this mean I have to put my recipes on little cards now? I have a recipe book to write random recipes in...