Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The coolest candle ever.

The other day I was craving an iced capp from the little store across the street from my apartment building. Well, by street I mean the highway... Since it takes fifty years of waiting for a lull in traffic so I can actually cross the road, I decided to check out Kootenay Candles (kootenaycandle.com) which is beside the iced capp place. BAAAAAD idea! I fell in love with this store. I was born and raised in this town and I've never been inside. It was probably for the best since now I want to buy EVERYTHING in there. I figured I could afford to buy one thing each payday so here is payday #1:

Isn't it gorgeous!? I don't think these are made in the store, but they are amazing! For the first few paydays I think this is what I'll be getting. There are all different kinds of cupcakes and they smell soooo good.
They also have candles in tea cups, and in martini glasses, shaped like chocolates and cookies.
Besides candles, they also carry little things for the home and garden. I bought my friend Jenny one of those little Zen gardens with the sand and the rake. She loves it.

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